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What Will Drive Digital Marketing in 2017 ?

The online marketing industry is large, complex, and volatile. The sooner you strike the right nerve of an internet user, the better you can appeal to them and stay ahead of your competitors.

Mobile Dominance Continues

Mobile-based digital marketing has seen revival over the past year or two as improvements to design and stability have opened up new ad units. From Facebook Canvas, with its tilt functionality, and Twitter’s interactive scratch reels, it seems like interactive mobile engagements will become even more important in 2017.

The release of Google’s Pixel smartphone is an indication that, from a hardware perspective, mobile technology is still the dominant force in tech development.

Having said that, as much as our phones are a part of our everyday lives, it’s not easy to see what the next evolution of the device is going to be.

Surely there isn’t that much more that can be done with a handheld screen and a range of apps? As the ability to innovate on a technical level, marketing is likely to shift away from software development and move towards experiential content delivered directly to the device.

In some ways, all of the rapid development over the last few years might see a return to simple, emotional marketing delivered via social channels.

Video Content is King

Regardless of the selected marketing channel, content is set to remain a core focus of digital marketing strategies.

As exciting as rapidly advancing technology is, it can be quite daunting to consumers. The marketing response is to sell advanced products under the guise of relatable, familiar content. That’s why you see television commercials about cutting-edge electronics - people want to understand.

From a marketing perspective, we can expect focus to shift towards the development of content specifically for digital channels. Empowering the viewer through annotations and similar technological tweaks makes this kind of content even more appealing.

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